Dating winchester ammunition boxes, antique ammo old ammo boxes and more for sale

Antique and Collectable 22 caliber ammunition boxes for sale

No cases or tray, but presume tray was styrofoam. The first letter indicates the year, the second letter the month. Having access to more brass than I could ever use, I choose recently manufactured cases, of whatever caliber, what is the best for my general reloading.

Considering the red X Western Auto box, that resource needs review. It, too, mee twente dating has the black plastic tray with white foam insert. So I'm thinking that it does not have the lead free primers. The lot number will have a letter-letter-number or letter-letter-number-number series that indicated the date.

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Dating Winchester/Western Ammo Boxes - Maryland Shooters

Which is self evident, because my opinions are so awesome! They kind of have that Army look to them. As you can see, the box is quite plain and lacks the Winchester brand name on top. Send a private message to d'Artagnan. Winchester Ammo- How do I tell when it was made?

Dating Remington Cartridge Boxes

Dating winchester ammo boxes

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Send a private message to foxfirerodandgun. No cases, but it does have a styrofoam tray. It also resumed using styrofoam trays, which have a green-grey tint.

Winchester Ammunition
Collectible Antique and Obsolete Ammunition in Original Boxes
Winchester Ammo Manufacture Dates - Arms Locker

Labeling/dating ammo boxes

My opinions are my own and not necessarily those of my employer. Find More Posts by fidelity. This topic has been archived.

Antique Ammo Old Ammo Boxes and More for Sale

Dating Winchester Boxes I am a new member and have a question regarding the dates of manufacture of the following Winchester ammunition. The most recent Western box I have is from altho the last Winchester-Western catalogs in show white ammunition boxes of this style with Winchester-Western over a red X. Would love to get some of the old Winchester boxes with the bear on them boxes in pristine shape - don't need the ammo.

Dating Remington Cartridge Boxes - International Ammunition Association

Add another collectible box to the list. She doesn't grab the small ones, nor the big ones, just the medium ones and she's in business. Keep it clean and dry and it will outlast you.

Several functions may not work. Winchester continued using styrofoam trays. What weighs six ounces, sits in a tree and is very dangerous? At some point during this timeframe some round pistol caliber trays changed from one-up-one-down open trays to white styrofoam.

  • Send a private message to fidelity.
  • The other sticker had just the number of rounds and caliber with two large slash lines to put the numbers in between to make the date.
  • As far as labeling ammo, I've never done it and probably never will.
  • Find More Posts by d'Artagnan.
  • The stencils were drawn off and cut out by me.
Winchester Collector
  1. Cheaper to buy that way as well.
  2. Ammo shelf life can outlast a human's.
  3. Both boxes contained red plastic trays with white foam inserts.

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Occasionally I'm either forced to use, want to use, or experiment with older cases. This tells me how many times the cases or hulls have been fired, what was in them, dating and even where I got them. On the box there is no info on lead free anything. WinClean Ammo is clearly marked on the box. Worked like a champ and allowed me to rotate my stock consistently.

The record number references a particular load in the label-making database. Another question might be, how long did the ammo sit in a warehouse, etc. So using the information above when was my ammo made? There are a lot of methods of storing ammo, most are good, so its really a matter of choice as to what works best for you. There are different markings on each end of the box.

Similar Ruger Forum Discussions. Members List Social Groups Calendar. So I'd load them, box them, and then put a sticker on them with a date. Now that I've seen a example of the Winclean ammo, mine is not.

As for how long reloaded ammunition will last? Remember the red Savage-brand ammo boxes with silhouette of the Indian chief in full headdress? The label below is indicative of what is marked on each box.

Dating winchester ammunition boxes

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Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. Boxes and ammo were made by Remington. Find More Posts by foxfirerodandgun. What ammo storage boxes do you use?

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